Treatments and therapies

What I do is to ask you to sense your body and relax for several breaths……… and then invite you to speak about what is coming up for you in the present moment and then talk about what brought you to me!

We both listen as you speak, and in listening to you I guide you to hear yourself explore what is buried and wants to be revealed. From that point we follow where your story takes us, sometimes emotions, thoughts and memories arise and we give them space and acceptance allowing them to be felt and watching them as they move through and transform.

I often introduce visualisations and hand placements, some movements and breathing awareness to assist at certain times, I very much value the body awareness to support the work clients do as it can be very deep. It is important you know I cannot guarantee any change and I do not diagnose or claim to heal.

A powerful hands on healing brought to Europe from India by Annette Muller in the 1990’s, who founded Ecole San Esprit in Munich, Germany Four sessions give the highest results.

Assemblage Point Alignment
The A.P. is an energy point emanating in the centre of the chest, which has great significance to our well-being and is well known by indigenous healers from time immemorial. The A.P. moves out of alignment during time of life changes, stress and illness. 

Sound Healing & Gong Immersions
Vibrational healing using voice, tuning forks, rattles, singing bowls and chimes to relax and clear the mind, body aura and chakras. Gong Baths or Immersions offer recipients a deep state of relaxation and the feeling of total ease and serenity. This supports recipients going into a state of deep meditation where healing can more readily occur.

Yoga Meditation and Breath Work
Sessions include postures, exploring meditation and breathing.

A powerful form of hands-on (spirit-chi) healing, was discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui from Japan.

Touch for Health Kinesiology
An internationally recognised method of health balancing, to support clients in improving their well-being, using muscle monitoring to discover where imbalances lay within their systems.

Shamanic Healing
A ritualised method of clearing attachments, intrusions and energetic interference within the body’s energy field and returning essential elements or lost soul parts to restore balance using voice, sage, drum, feather, rattles and crystals.