Working with Me

Inner Radiance sessions provide a space for clients to reveal, explore and release issues causing inner tension and dissonance. Using various modalities including inquiry, sound healing, kinesiology and movements enables a balanced outcome towards their issue.

Sessions are designed to support clients in tuning into their issues/goals in a relaxed way so they may release negative tension and reveal deeper understanding and clarity.
By using the kinesiology self-responsibility model, I sometimes introduce easy techniques clients can use at times when they are feeling stressed or overwhelmed; applying these enables empowerment and calm.

In my experience, these gentle techniques provide good, in-the-moment support, for smoother outcomes in sessions and in everyday life situations. They are supportive in continued steps towards desired transformation, understanding and self-acceptance.
In a session the aim is to bring awareness and clarity to a priority issue and gently assist in activating and experiencing the self revealing-healing, to bring inner support and an improved sense of agency, inner calm and physical well-being.

What to expect….

My sessions include consultation, listening to the client with questions and
inquiry/discussion. During this, I encourage clients to observe and sense their body
sensations and feelings as they speak of their situation/issue/goal …… if indicated one or
more of the support modalities may be included.
I have a few complementary skills to draw from. My goal is to be guided by the client,
inviting their own inner wisdom to reveal itself to them.
Sessions may include…

● AmazingGrace healing (hands-on healing)
● Single sessions and courses of treatment
● Crystal healing
● Shamanic Healing
● Munay Ki transmissions
● Assemblage Point alignement
● Soul work
● Sound Healing
● Voice, tuning forks, singing bowls, Gongs, rattles, drumming.
● Kinesiology protocols :
● Touch for Health
● Transforming DNA memories // Return to Love (Silvia Marina)
● Vibrational Healing (Helena Arguelles/Sandy Gannon)
● Brain Gym basic (Padraig King)
● Yoga, meditation and breathwork.
● Reiki
● SKYourself coaching.

I have trained over many years and continue to develop areas of my practice so that I can offer clients a broad spectrum of healing modalities to enable their progress and unfolding.
I have been a student of the Diamond Approach guided by the teaching, practices and writing of Hameed Ali and I am familiar with transactional analysis having had great support from this method of therapy.
I studied yoga teacher training with Maarten Vermasse under the BWY banner and have been nourished by the practices from the Buddhist tradition including White Tara.
I make no claims to healing anyone, nor do I diagnose ailments or prescribe remedies, the methods I use are to support the client’s innate healing capacities.